The Excessive Sweating Clinic London

Do your new shoes rot away within a matter of weeks? Do you constantly wet important documents with your sweaty palms? Can you even sleep when experiencing night sweats? Or, do you worry that people will notice your sweaty face on the train? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you likely suffer from excessive sweating. is a website dedicated to sharing all the information you need to know on the subject of excessive sweating (aka Hyperhidrosis), with further professional expertise being available on request from an established London Cosmetic Clinic.  We are here to help you combat this most distressing disorder, with informative tips on day-to-day management and expert advice on the best treatments available.

Excessive sweating can be an embarrassing and alienating condition – it can effectively ruin both your confidence and social interaction through its relentless symptoms. It is estimated that around 3% of the Earth’s population suffer from the condition of Hyperhidrosis (the clinical term for excessive sweating), so it is fair to say that the condition is not a wholly uncommon. So do not despair, as you are not alone and better yet, there are cures!

We hope you’ll find our resources useful. Why don’t you start off by reading all about excessive sweating and its causes? If you’re thinking of getting treatment, check out the non-operative and operative options. If instead you are still unsure on the way to go about it, then have a look at our tips to combat sweating and learn how to make your life easier.