Facial Hyperhidrosis (The Face)

Facial HyperhidrosisFacial Hyperhidrosis is a condition that affects men and women, occurring on the scalp and the face. Individuals affected by this condition will sweat in abundance, to the point where moisture is most noticeably dripping from their face, even after very light physical exertion. As a result, this condition causes great discomfort to its sufferers, who experience much stress attributed to the fear of their clothing becoming saturated. In particular, women who wear make-up find this complaint quite unbearable and generally wear their hair short, in the hopes that it will help in regulating their body temperature.

It is not uncommon that an individual suffering from this aliment will have to regularly put up with their eyes burning, due to heightened exposure to salty sweat flowing from the scalp. This is largely because the face, just like the hands and feet, are areas that contain a large number eccrine glands and therefore is highly susceptible to releasing sweat.

Individuals suffering from Facial Hyperhidrosis tend to avoid outdoor situations in warm weather, due to the social anxiety the condition causes. Suffers will usually have to carry a face towel with them at all times and may take multiple showers in the daytime to try and combat the problem. It is also common for the afflicted to experience very low self-esteem, due to heightened social anxiety caused by the visible nature of the sweat itself.

Over-the-counter tropical antiperspirants containing aluminum chloride are usually seen as the first line of defense against Facial Hyperhidrosis, but such products can be rather irritating to the skin. Botox injections can also work on the face and head to combat this condition, as well as anticholinergic forms of medicine, though the latter is not advised as a good long-term  treatment due to its associated side-effects.

Note: Image property of Jeffrey Montes.