Video – Botox As A Treatment For Excessive Sweating

In this video Dr Jennifer Walden, an expert plastic surgeon from Austin, Texas, explains how botox injections are used as a preventative cure for excessive sweating and discusses associated benefits of this apparent ‘wonder drug’ live on Austin Local News.


What Is Botox?Botox is FDA approved for cosmetics purposes, such as treating wrinkles between the brow, but we can now treat excessive sweating – which is called hyperhidrosis – of the palms, of the hands and of the underarms, which is an embarrassing condition for many people.

How Does It Work?

Botox actually blocks the chemical signal that stimulates to sweat glands to secrete sweat. So not only does it paralyse muscles when it is injected into them for cosmetic purposes, but it will do the same to the sweat glands when injected into the skin, thus stopping neurotransmissions from creating unnecessary sweat.

Is It Safe? Isn’t It Natural To Sweat?

It is actually very safe and it will not stop you from sweating altogether, as your normal thermo-regulation will not be affected, but the treatment will control over activity by the glands.