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Just Sweat Through It

Since launching my blog Sweat Through It last year on the trials and tribulations of a hyperhidrosis sufferer I consistently receive messages asking, “How can I stop hyperhidrosis? What treatments do you recommend?” The truth is, I don’t have many recommendations. I am no doctor nor medical professional, but I can offer insight on how to cope with hyperhidrosis.

We’re often so consumed with how to fix a situation rather than discovering new ways to live or adapt in the situation. We each live with hyperhidrosis differently, but across the board it’s without a doubt challenging. Here are a few tips on how to face the challenge:

1. Start Talking.

We are masters at hiding excessive sweating. Sweating is frankly embarrassing and its not the first topic that springs to mind when catching up with a pal. Find a friend or family member you can talk to despite how uncomfortable it is. The more I talk to my close friends about my condition I find two things; 1) they’ve never noticed before, and 2) they have zero judgement. By making myself vulnerable a weight has been lifted, I’m no longer carrying around a secret that I found shameful. Those who matter most to you accept all of you, including the extra droplets of sweat.

2. Embrace The Sweat.

For many years I resisted accommodating my lifestyle for excessive sweating. Why can’t I wear cute silk dresses with sandals?! Let go of what you cannot have and embrace what you can. Harboring resentment and being stubborn to adapt will not serve you in any way. Move forward with your sweat. I’m not asking you to look at “the brighter side” rather simply accept to live without. Your mind will start to foster creative solutions rather than focusing on the road block in front of you.

3. Find What Makes You Happy.

It’s very easy to get stuck in a depression from hyperhidrosis. It’s a constant challenge for me to keep my confidence afloat. I’ve found that by keeping an active lifestyle with a structured schedule and recreation I’m happier. An idle mind has more time to dwell on my body’s malfunctions. Explore ways to occupy yourself with positive outlets. Grab a friend to try a new hobby or find a community class. Do something! Don’t let hyperhidrosis stop you from enjoying the fruits of life.

Until you find the solution to lessen your hyperhidrosis symptoms take a moment to understand on how you can be more comfortable in your damp skin.

Guest author is the writer behind Sweat Through It, a blog inspired by the day to day life with hyperhidrosis. Residing in sunny Los Angeles she enjoys sweating profusely in hot yoga, attending concerts, and reminding her friends she needs to sit in the shade during brunch.